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  1. Sorry 😭. I have updated the homepage with a new layout and changed the description to my own. Yes, we had put a banner for two days over the login page to let users know that they had to reset their password. The reason was changing the signup and login structure to `sha256` from `sha1`, which is more secure.
  2. Fixed 🥳, now royalityfree is more secure than ever, thanks for the bug @PlanetCloud
  3. The community plans to replace it with tokens (more secure)
  4. Nope, it's still being available (i.e. it is will get updates)
  5. Fixed, this was first reported by our team member. We have also informed the ad network, for now no ads on the control panel. Huh? Thanks!
  6. We've made some improvements after the original post. Here's a brief of the recent changelogs: v1.1.0 - Wispy 🙆 Fixed dark and light mode conflicts on the queried page. 🧑‍💻 Improved account and profile details layout. 🔔 Added new modes of notification alerts at some aspects. 🌙 Added dark and light mode toggle in the navigation. 🔒 Reintroducing the SSL management system. v1.2.0 - Snowflake Changed account settings page design. Added MySQL information section on view account. Fixed suspended information on view account page. Changed
  7. haha, i am trading with him for those with some other components.! so free.
  8. Hello, you guys can use the following code to hide the user domain part in the vewssl.php. most face errors due to that, because they copy the whole thing, instead for the domain they have to use the dropdown in the cname section of control panel. Hope it helps 😅! <?php $dot = '.'; $find = $dot.$SSLInfo['domain']; $replace = ''; $from = $Record['0']; ?> Then use the following code to echo the above variables :- <?php print_r(str_replace($find,$replace,$from))?>
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