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  1. Introduction Xera Lite is a free web hosting solution for MyOwnFreeHost client and support management system designed to work with less specifications. Features Xera Lite features are listed below: 1. MOFH Api Integration 2. Support Ticket System 3. Easy Template System 4. User Management 5. SMTP Support Requirements Your server need to met minimal requirements: 1. PHP v5.6 or above. 2. MySQL v5.2 or above. 3. Valid SSL Certificate. Download Download it from Google Drive. Help Forum: fourm.xera.eu.org Email: [email protected]
  2. Bonjour Je suggère que Composer soit installer par défaut sur les hébergement web gratuit... ---trad google--- Good morning I suggest that Composer be installed by default on free web hosting...
  3. Get the latest release here: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/releases Current latest: v2.1.0 What's new? - Ability to disable signups with custom domain Read the upgrade guide here: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/wiki/Upgrade-Guide-(v2.1) --- ORIGINAL POST: After months in the making and years in the design, Project LOGGED v2.0 is finally released! With it, new features were added such as translations, better design and user experience, and support for custom features. It is available at https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/releases/tag/v2.0. Documentation: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/wiki/Documentation-(v2.x) If you encounter any errors/bugs, please open an issue on GitHub. Discord: https://discord.gg/mmEWpnwB8D Features that will be added later on: - Custom Captcha support Here are a few screenshots, more can be found in the documentation page.
  4. I invite you to.. novus is a free hosting service (like 99% of the hosters here) with well nothing in special than a home page that took me almost an hour to make using bootstrap and js! You can check out novus at https://novushost.ml and tell me what do you think about it! You can also join our discord server (https://discord.gg/tyyqfGrh9c)! (not fully done yet) Well thats all!
  5. Hey! Hope ya'll are doing good. Here are some of the integrations built by me. I am working on the documentations for the installation of these integrations will release then soon when that is completed. Hope you will like it. Feel free to star it on GitHub! Website => Home | MofhyDevs New Account Notice => https://github.com/MofhyDevs/NewAccountNotice.
  6. Hi, I am starting a hosting company. I would like a client area, but I do not know how to code to that level. Are there any free solutions available? Even just templates? I know CSS so I can customise it myself, I just need the system to work. Are there any available?
  7. So I finished my new MOFH reseller (https://fastfreehost.ml) and when I try to create an account (to test it) it says Sorry. We are unable to supply you with an account at this time (Ip logged as [hidden IP]). error code #934698385 What can I do to fix this? In the MOFH Admin panel, everything is set up correctly I think Also on the register page for my template (and all the templates at https://myownfreehost.net/templates.php) there is no domain chooser. I have 2 domains (freeh.gq and host11.cf) But there's no domain selector for it.... why?? And I found a modern theme on GitHub (https://github.com/MOFHDevs/mofh-material-template) and it has a free hosting tab that leads to a nonexistent file.. Please help
  8. Hi there, I would like to present you Free SSL Space (freessl.space). We are providing free 90 days certificates with unlimited renewals. They are issued by our partner Sectigo CA (sectigo.com), formerly Comodo CA - the biggest CA in the world. Why our certificates are better than Let's Encrypt: IDN support more compatible (99,6% devices, much more than Let's Encrypt), easy getting. A little bit more of the last point - unfortunately, it's too complicated to get Let's Encrypt on free hosting - antibot system doesn't support it. With Free SSL Space you can obtain certificates via HTTP as well, via Mail or CNAME. Last two variants are good for free hosting. Instruction on CNAME verification on iFastNet: 1. Go to your vPanel => SSL/TLS => Configure SSL => Generate Key/CSR 2. Fill the form, than copy CSR request 3. Go to freessl.space, enter your domain. 4. Tick "I have my own CSR" and paste your CSR. 5. Choose DNS method. 6. Set the CNAME record in vPanel and click Verify domain. Notice: it may not be verified from the first attempt, wait for the second one. 7. Certificate is ready, copy Your Certificate code into SSL/TLS in vPanel. 8. UPDATE: wait up to several hours - iFastnet changes your SSL not so quick. Just try it!
  9. I created a free website around September of 2018 for my Guild in a game I play. Been working on it off and on ever since, in my spare time. I know I have the right email, login, password, and other such information (I screenshotted it and also wrote it down). So it's not an issue of user error that's causing this. In fact, the passwords were also stored on my desktop, from when I first created the account. I also know it worked, because I used to be able to access the website, as did my Guild, and I could work on the page. When I tried to check it on my phone to show a friend, it showed only a blank page there... so I decided to try on my desktop. Imagine my surprise, and embarrassment since my friend was there, when my Guild website instead directed me to a rather graphic ADULT website. Knowing that something was clearly wrong, I tried to log into the FTP server. That's how I managed my files, as it was much easier than doing it through cPanel. I couldn't. I also know I was using the right username and password, because my FTP program had all that information stored. So I tried logging into cPanel. It did not work. I tried retrieving a lost password, in case there was some kind of weirdness going on. It told me my account name (that long string of numbers preceded by the letter/number allocation of the particular byethost) and e-mail had no account associated with it. Knowing something was messed up pretty badly at that point, I tried the support options on the website. None of them worked. I couldn't log in to send a support ticket, because it said I had no account. I couldn't register, because it just linked back to the login page that wouldn't let me log in in the first place. I could possibly try signing up for a new hosting account, but I would rather just have the one I've been using back. I even tried blindly e-mailing what I thought iFastnet's support e-mail would be, but that also failed. I am completely lost on what to do or how to get help at this point, hence this last desperate attempt at finding a way to get help. So... help? Update: Thought I'd try one last time before giving up for now. After about twenty different attempts earlier, this time it FINALLY let me log in to the support site. I still can't log into cPanel or the FTP server, but I at least have an avenue to try to get this corrected now.
  10. Ola pessoal estou com um proplema fiz a instalaçao do ssl certificado em minha hospedagen livre com cloudflore so que depois de fazer seguir os passos no cloud flore instalou so que que agora esta dando um erro 502 diz gatway ruin e o site nao entra o ssl ficou ativado mais o site nao pega esta em https mais o site ficou fora acho que foi algunha configuração no cloudflare ja fiz varias configuraçoes que vi na internet mais nao conseguir preciso de ajuda ai pessoal desde ja agradeço meu site e esse https://wcstudio.ml/
  11. Hi there, I have the free vista panel reseller account. I was wondering where I can find a list of services and prices that I can sell to customers as a FREE reseller (MyOwnFreeHost). I am using Wordpress to create my reseller website, and I have no idea what the services are nor what the prices are. In a previous support ticket, I was redirected to a page to purchase services as if I was a Premium account holder. PLEASE, can someone help me out. I find the knowledgebase very confusing, and I cannot find a telephone support line to call with any queries. Many thanks in advance, Martin.
  12. Hi I got a question. and please note that I tried to find the answer of this question,but I could not found it..... The question is <What is the source of signup page for my customer? or How can I add customer from reseller panel? > Can someone help me? sorry for my English level. Thankyou
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