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I released the code used to interface with the WHM API of MyOwnFreeHost on InfinityFree. You can now download, install and use it in your own projects. You can view and download the code here: ht

thanks i may use this in rasberry.cf

You're referring to the API. This is an API CLIENT. This is software to use the API, not the API itself. Your question has absolutely nothing to do with this topic.

33 minutes ago, mike said:

Usted ya sabe mi correo electrónico, enviarlo cuando pueda. Gracias:)

I sent it to the support email of your web and to the gmail email of the same apology I did not send it to the one you gave me but I had a problem with the email where I had yours added greetings let me know if the messages do not arrive

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47 minutes ago, Shouvik Mitra said:

Please support me with the script. Here's my email id: admin@emulasite.ml It was kind of you. Thanks, Shouvik Mitra.

Hello I already sent the script to the two email that you've left me greetings.

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On 9/15/2017 at 11:08 AM, selamhosting said:


hello I am waiting for your support for free hosting project in turkey I do not have any information about api I am using whmcs system but I can not integrate please help

Note that this API client is supposed to be used in custom applications, not in WHMCS. You might be able to integrate this client in WHMCS, but I think you'd be the first to do so. In other words, there isn't anyone who can spoon-feed you the solution.

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23 hours ago, einet said:

Hello, an email with information and the mofh script has been sent to the mail that has left greetings

I put in the API Username & Password and uploaded it to my site, Chrome returns a 500 error, am I doing anything wrong?

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