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Making my own Client Area: A journey through MyOwnFreeHost's WHM API

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This is a short little story about my journey through the making of my client area. 


About Me

I'm almost 14 years old and I've been programming since 4th grade. This is one of my first fully completed projects that I got to a usable point. 

Special Thanks

I just want to say thanks to @InfinityFree! You inspired me to create my own client area for fun when I saw yours and you've provided a free API client even when you cloud've kept it to yourself and sold licenses to profit from it. That's something most people probably wouldn't do. 

My Journey

I started with a basic Laravel app and setup my different models and other various components. I got it to a point where basically everything except the MyOwnFreeHost part were there and working. Here is where confusion began. I started with using model observers and just using an observer when a new hosting account was created and then after that I handled creation of the actual hosting account. This lead to some pretty weird bugs. The first issue I noticed was that for some reason the observer got called about 10 to 15 times before it stopped. This lead to there somehow being multiple accounts assigned the same domain name on MyOwnFreeHost, which was pretty confusing. To solve this, I decided to switch to handling account creation entirely in the controller. This also came with the benefit of easier error handling. Overall, there were few issues along the way. I've now got a functional hosting site, although it is the bare bones. I still need to add more stuff to handle suspensions better and also stuff like password changing, but it works! I hope this story was somewhat useful for people new to MOFH, or at the very least, entertaining. 

I don’t expect this project to go anywhere. It was more of something just for fun and a way to learn about Laravel. 

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1 hour ago, WeHostYou360 said:

If you're planning on letting this site available to the public, I'd recommend you to remove this "Captcha that doesn't exist lol." And possibly changing the default indexes.

Thanks for the feedback. The captcha thing is there from development and I forgot to remove it. I’m not sure what you mean by changing the default indexes. Do you mean the homepage?

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5 minutes ago, WeHostYou360 said:

I mean the page that's being shown on the newly created account.


Connect to your reseller panel:

Customizations > Default Index Page

Oh, that! I forgot to change that. It doesn't really matter much because this project probably isn't going to go anywhere. I might change it later today though. 

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