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  1. wordpress dont have 100% compatibility with MOFH.
  2. iFastNet Support website is down? or is just my computer?
  3. Yes, have! 1. Login to your Reseller Panel 2. Click at My Clients > Manage Clients Now put the Client Domain, IP, e-mail or username and click at Find It, now, you will see all the results Now, click at username, Scroll to end and press the "Change ** Status to Suspended"!
  4. , im starting over too, but all of my signups are getting an error.
  5. Can i know the reason of your leaving from MyOwnFreeHost and if i can help you about your leaving?
  6. i send you the register page https://support.ifastnet.com/register.php
  7. Hello, thanks for using MyOwnFreeHost! You need to create account at Support! (https://support.ifastnet.com/register.php) and open a ticket asking for delete your host. Please reply if this will going to help you.
  8. Awaiting a reply... You recovered your pass or no? if no, just contact iFastNet Support
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