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I recently applied to become a reseller


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On 6/13/2023 at 12:13 AM, mariah said:

I recently applied to become a reseller. I haven’t been accepted yet, but I was wondering if there is anything I should know?

The E-Mails might Go to Spam. You can ask Support about it...


And dont Register ifastnet Domains to your Accounts If you dont wanna get Banned :wheeze:

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19 hours ago, Anyx said:

It's a joke for those in the know... join our Discord server to find out 😂

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Basically "someone" (you can guess who) registered some of iFastNet's domains on their reseller (like ifastnet.com) and got banned afterwards

WOW XD That's a nice plug over there!

On 6/13/2023 at 5:13 AM, mariah said:

I recently applied to become a reseller. I haven’t been accepted yet, but I was wondering if there is anything I should know?

What you should know:
1. The limitations of the user accounts
2. What features are available and not (such as Cloudflare support, etc)
3. What you can host and cannot host
4. How to detect spammy/phishing/scam sites and take them down
5. That Project LOGGED is the easiest setup-and-forget™ Login page and Signup page template. Complete with Standard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Used by many and well-liked. It also is the most secure one! With the recent update of version 2.0, it is also easier than ever to set things up, even for multi-domain hosting.
You won't find anything better!* (*as per LOGGED 2.0's release) 
All for the price of $79.99/year ITS FREE!!!! No seriously, IT IS FREE FOREVER!!!**
Check it out here for version 2:

    And here is the original posts from version 1.X in 2020, and you can see the glowing reviews users have given it.

**Project LOGGED is free for all to use, with no strings attached.

6. That you can ask questions in this forum and get help and support
7. That serious support and for issues that are related specifically to your account, you can open a ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/
8. That WybeNetwork has a lot of cool customizations for your vPanel to make it more functional, fix issues, add styles to it, change elements, etc. (https://github.com/WybeNetwork/VistaPanel-Customizations)
9. That that is all I could think of right now on top of my head, but feel free to ask around!

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