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  1. So, I am trying to retrieve some information from YouTube, using their API, I was wandering if it was possible to use YouTube's api in our free hosting accounts?
  2. So people have asked many times, "what is a great way of advertising my hosting services," well there are hundreds of different sites that claim to help you gain "free" traffic and clients, but in the end it's mostly people that won't ever use your services, this is because great advertisement isn't free nor is it always easy. So I have decided to create this post to help you understand Advertisement Marketing and why you shouldn't do anything that state's "free" advertisements, I will also discuss fairly simple ways to start getting clients interested in your services. Advertisement Mark
  3. Hello there, well as a newbie to web development, it's all just trial and error, once you get the basic concept of what certain things due, it's majorly up to you to figure out how they work together and they way it will work on your site or project.
  4. It's fine, take your time, remember Rome wasn't built in a day, but it fell down in one.
  5. I am creatively thinking on my projects.

  6. Using CSS, you can also edit the PHP files to make it more unique feeling, but it's totally up to you..
  7. Well, I would like to say it looks good, but the factor is you are using one of the default themes Byet/Ifastet automatically generates when establishing your account. You have quite literally done nothing to unique your services.
  8. If you want a better assistance or faster, you may submit a support ticket.
  9. You can already suspend accounts that violate your terms, but also know if an account is suspend automatically without your acknowledgement it's because they violated IFasts/Byethost's Terms of Service.
  10. This may be a temporary issue, but please know if you need, send a message to the support.
  11. As stated above, you should of received an email with 2 sets of information, the bottom set of information is given for your Vpanel (Not Cpanel), I would recommend you to save that information somewhere were you won't forget it or lose it.
  12. Thank you, I am trying, but because of my work, I have limited amount of time.
  13. I don't know what you are looking for posting on my thread, I am not an Admin, if you are not pleased with your Byet/Ifast services, send a message to the support.
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