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  1. From now on I will not give more support and the Einet Anake script has been removed. The one that I keep it well and the one that does not sadden.

    1. AHost


      That's Unfortunate 

    2. Anyx


      Unfortunate, but it's been a good run. Thank you for providing support and updates for it while it lasted!

      If you're still here, could you clarify if "I will not give more support" was for your script, or general?

      Also sorry for posting late.

  2. Users who are using einet Anake I invite you to take a tour of github to update their websites. Cheers

  3. I wrote you privately 😉
  4. Hello, as @Aqib indicates, the template|theme can be customized to your liking. they can add or remove whatever they want but they must have basic knowledge about html / css / javascript, they can modify or create a theme by editing the files that are in the temas/default folder the page of the main section where it shows plans and prices is the file principal.tpl and some of the modules that go on the left or right side are in the modulos folder. The other files are each separated by categories such as css, js, images, etc. each separated in their folders that can be modified to tas
    1. Lebyy



      HTTP 404 This page doesn't work!!

      Sorry but the page you are trying to access is not available or has been deleted!!

      I always get this error when trying to login/register

    2. einet


      I have answered your question for MD

  5. google does not work for my 😆 impossible to translate what they tell me haha.

  6. I invite you to give demo a non-binding demo.x3host. ml is available for download and personalization to everyone's liking you can modify and improve it in the front section below the video this to download includes (account registration and logging and creation, suspension and reactivation of account hosting from the reseller api)
  7. I notice something new in the forum but I don't know what it is xD haha. hey the chat does not work jump error 😍

    1. Archelaos


      Perhaps the new look? I've informed them about the chatbox.

    2. einet


      if it looks more rested for the eyes quite good 🐙

  8. Surely, this year I don't know how much the terms and conditions of adsence have changed but I was the same with that I was able to get adsence with a first-class domain, there are cheap prices in different places to buy a .xyz or .online
  9. When I applied for adsence almost a year ago it was not difficult, you just have to have a first class domain .com .net .org etc unless they are free domains like ml. .ga etc otherwise they will never approve your site when you request adsence I did it with a free domain and it was rejected for that reason then I registered a .xyz and the service was approved without problems it took 2 months if for them to carry out the checks they wanted
  10. Does anyone know the owner of freessl .space their website has been down for days and it was an excellent service but I think they will not return :c

  11. I think you should review and perform a clean installation of wordpress. I don't see to trust the installation of a script downloaded from a third party area to softacolous. To avoid hacks and mistakes like that. Or download wordpress from the official website.
  12. Ami also uploads the images but she is right @Dimitris shows as if the admin account were open
  13. Zero SSL It is compatible with the hosting of aca de ifastnet and mofh I have created certificates there and they work with the validation methods that offer I confirm it :3
  14. I think the only way to change the language of your page is by directly editing your website and making translations to the language you prefer. You have the freedom to modify it to the taste and languages that you prefer without problems
  15. Intentaste actualizar desde tu vpanel|cpanel a la versión mas reciente de php 7.3+ o ir probando de una en una a partir de la 5.6+ actualmente he notado que a muchos les esta dando problemas wordpress
  16. Is there a problem connecting to the mofh reseller api today?

  17. So I happened ami a couple of days ago will not let create any type of account. At 2 o'clock it started working haha
  18. A tip you should have pointing your domain'S DNS to the servers you provide when requesting your reseller account. Remember that the support team sometimes delays in responding to requests. and if more than 48 hours have passed and you have not activated the service contact adminsitracion from support.ifastnet.com and create a ticket so they can answer you
  19. Accepted but where. When creating a hosting account, or to request reselller free account?
  20. The hosting account username should be given to you when the api creates the hosting account. you should check in your whmc database if you indicate in the tables something like what you are looking for but you should identify the function to create hosting accounts and there should tell you what data extracts at the time of creation I would like to help you but to use whmc require a license try to install in demo but requires license.
  21. you should increase the capacity for private messages here in the Forum a little bit more :|

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