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  1. Salut à toutes et à tous ! Après un bon moment (Environ 6 mois de boulot), je vous présente : Luluhost !!! Mon hébergement revendeur mofh. Je tien a remercier tous particulièrement @SpookyKipper pour sont aide très précieuse et de qualité ✨ !!! Je remercie aussi vivement @Anyx pour ses réponses toujours très claire, argumenté et super utile... En plus, @Anyx a toujours bien comprit le sens de mes questions 😄. Je dit aussi merci a : @TinkerMan, @PlanetCloud, @BastelPichi, @MeTooIDK et tous les autres membres de se forum qui m'ont aidé... Voila, je soumet donc mon service de revendeur à vos avis et conseil... > Luluhost Note 1 : Le style est particulier, mais cela est volontaire... Note 2 : Cette hébergement revendeur gratuit n'est pas destiné à un large publique, juste a un cercle très restreint de personnes que je connais... Donc pas d'inquiétude pour la concurrence 😉 ! Et dans cette même optique, le lien vers le site sera retirer, pour ne pas avoir d'utilisateur non désirer... Voila, J'attends vos retours et vos commentaires pour peaufinée mon service !!! Merci ---trad google--- Hi to all of you ! After a good time (About 6 months of work), I present to you: Luluhost!!! My mofh reseller hosting. I would like to particularly thank @SpookyKipper for their very valuable and quality help ✨ !!! I also warmly thank @Anyx for his always very clear, reasoned and super useful answers... In addition, @Anyx always understood the meaning of my questions 😄. I also say thank you to: @TinkerMan, @PlanetCloud, @BastelPichi, @MeTooIDK and all the other members of this forum who helped me... There you go, I therefore submit my reseller service to your opinions and advice... > Luluhost Note 1 : The style is particular, but this is voluntary... Note 2 : This free reseller hosting is not intended for a wide audience, just for a very restricted circle of people that I know... So no worries about the competition 😉! And with this in mind, the link to the site will be removed, so as not to have unwanted users... There you go, I'm waiting for your feedback and comments to refine my service!!! THANKS
  2. Boujour Pouvez vous m'indiquer quel est la valeur de cette donnée présente dans la page d'accueil du panel mofh : Total hits this month : 9,026 Merci ---trad google--- Hello Can you tell me what is the value of this data present on the home page of the mofh panel : Total hits this month : 9,026 THANKS
  3. Bonjour Je suggère de moderniser les styles des différents composent mofh (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, panel mofh...) Parce que le style du panneau admin mofh est trop style "Windows 7", là, ont est à Windows 11... Et il n'est même pas comme la page de connexion... Le Vpanel, J'ai lu sur le forum infinityfree que c'était en préparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin mérite de nouveaux thème plus modernes : voir ce sujet https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ Et il y à peut être d'autres choses que j'oublie... Voila 😄 . ---trad google--- Hello I suggest modernizing the styles of the different mofh components (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, mofh panel...) Because the style of the mofh admin panel is too "Windows 7" style, here we are at Windows 11... And it's not even like the login page... The Vpanel, I read on the infinityfree forum that it was in preparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin deserves new, more modern themes: see this topic https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ And there may be other things I'm forgetting... There you go 😄.
  4. Salut 😄 Je crois que Mofh-r est définitivement mort avec PHP 8 😉😵 ! Il affiche des tas d'erreurs , du type de celle-ci : A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8192 Message: Creation of dynamic property CI_URI::$config is deprecated Filename: core/URI.php Line Number: 101 Backtrace: File: /.../censurer/... Line: 315 Function: require_once Voila, Je pense que tous le monde qui utilise Mofh-r ont le même problème ? ---trad google--- Hi 😄 I think Mofh-r is definitely dead with PHP 8 😉 😵! It displays lots of errors, like this: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8192 Message: Creation of dynamic property CI_URI::$config is deprecated Filename: core/URI.php Line Number: 101 Backtrace: File: /.../censorship/... Line: 315 Function: require_once There you go, I think everyone who uses Mofh-r has the same problem ?
  5. Introduction Xera Lite is a free web hosting solution for MyOwnFreeHost client and support management system designed to work with less specifications. Features Xera Lite features are listed below: 1. MOFH Api Integration 2. Support Ticket System 3. Easy Template System 4. User Management 5. SMTP Support Requirements Your server need to met minimal requirements: 1. PHP v5.6 or above. 2. MySQL v5.2 or above. 3. Valid SSL Certificate. Download Download it from Google Drive. Help Forum: fourm.xera.eu.org Email: [email protected]
  6. Bonjour Est il possible de changé Xera pour que le formulaire d'inscription ne demande plus le nom et prénom, comme GenerateArea... Quel fichier remplacé, quel lignes de codes changé ? Merci pour les réponses... 🙂 ---trad google--- Good morning Is it possible to change Xera so that the registration form no longer asks for the name and first name, like GenerateArea... Which file replaced, which lines of code changed? Thanks for the answers... 🙂
  7. Il faudrait moderniser les graphique et l'interface utilisateur du panel revendeur MOFH... ---trad google--- It would be necessary to modernize the graphics and the user interface of the MOFH reseller panel...
  8. Hello everyone! I was wondering, how to install ssl certificates after generating and add spf records without logging in to vPanel. if anybody can explain. i will be very thankful
  9. Hello everyone! Previously i saw many people moving from mofhy or any other platform to xera and were facing a few issues that can be fixed by just a few efforts. Although i created xera but i was unable to completely understand it myself and it was also built on an outdated version of codeigniter(V3) and there was a few missing features as well. So i was thinking to make a clientarea according to current user need and up-to-dated vendors. I'm going to use Codeigniter 4 with a few tweaks. So I thought ask seniors for their suggestions on what features i should add in newly build clientarea which can go a long way.
  10. For those who don't know what MOFH Discord.js Bot is, it is a discord bot which helps the user to create an account, get users domains, get availability of the domain, reset a users password, suspend a users account, unsuspend a users account. It is coded in JavaScript and you can easily customize it yourself! Requirements: Node.js V12 Or Above, A Discord Bot and server to host it. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Lebyy/mofh-discord-bot (make sure to give the repo a start hehe) Setup Instructions: https://github.com/Lebyy/mofh-discord-bot/wiki/Setup-Instructions Public Hosted Bot - https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=766964107945181194&permissions=8&scope=bot IP - How to setup username and key? You can run !setusername [yourusername] and !setkey [yourmofhapipassword] Here are some screenshot of the bot's commands: Check it out yourself now!
  11. MOFH api in .NET i just released my first version of a new api wrapper in C# (Other .NET languages coming soon). GitHub project: ptobuon/mofh-net-api: MyOwnFreeHost api in .NET First release: Release v20220724 · ptobuon/mofh-net-api If you want contribute open a issue or a pull request. Any help is accepted. Docs coming soon
  12. Hello there ? Can anyone send me any theme close to infinity free’s I do know that infinity free’s MOFH theme is custom, tho I will want the closest one possible Also any video showcasing how to install the theme cause im an idiot and i cant get a damn theme to work! Anyways. Someone please send any themes
  13. We all know that iFastNet provides some of the best free hosting with MOFH, especially after the recent upgrade of server power and allotted resources. I would like to start a discussion of two different things. 1) What should every free hosting provider using the MOFH platform have in order to bring new visitors, and retain existing ones? This could include things like a site builder, that are not directly connected to MOFH, but are still possible. 2) What features should be (realistically) added to MOFH for resellers to take advantage of? Obviously, things like free auto-installed SSL and higher storage cannot be added since people still need a reason to upgrade. What do you think? I’ll share my own lists once I get onto a device with an actually physical keyboard
  14. Hi there! We are the best free hosting in Russia, and we understood that WHM API is really poor, so ... We have created a php library, that connects to MyOwnFreeHost panel and interacts with it. Check it with documentation at https://github.com/hostronavt/mofh-client I'm waiting for comments
  15. Hi, Anyone know how to modify the register2 page (of subdomain order.your-reseller-domaine.com) of mofh template? Thanks for your help.
  16. So I finished my new MOFH reseller (https://fastfreehost.ml) and when I try to create an account (to test it) it says Sorry. We are unable to supply you with an account at this time (Ip logged as [hidden IP]). error code #934698385 What can I do to fix this? In the MOFH Admin panel, everything is set up correctly I think Also on the register page for my template (and all the templates at https://myownfreehost.net/templates.php) there is no domain chooser. I have 2 domains (freeh.gq and host11.cf) But there's no domain selector for it.... why?? And I found a modern theme on GitHub (https://github.com/MOFHDevs/mofh-material-template) and it has a free hosting tab that leads to a nonexistent file.. Please help
  17. I want to use the custom name servers of the main domain for adding other reseller domains. How can I do that? I got the IP address to point my nameservers to on the mail I got after creating the reseller account. Will this work?
  18. I want to change the nameservers of my mofh website from byet nameservers to cloudflare nameservers. If I change will this impact ?? and after changing I will point my my IP address to mofh byet.
  19. Does anyone know if I will lose access to the forum if I upgrade to a premium reseller account?
  20. Hello, is it already possible to get a free SSL for MOFH accounts? For example, I can't verify my domain at freessl.space. Technical support tells that it is not possible on free accounts.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm confused what domain should I use here whether the WHMCS domain or my MOFH reseller domain: Please enlighten me. By the way, how do we disable the integration? When I integrated my reseller domain to use the WHM API for WHMCS, it crashed. Now I could never get it to work. Could you try reaching out for it? Please let me know if you have any idea about this issue... Thanks further!
  22. Today I will be showing you how to create an awesome real-time status page for your hosting service and all for free! At the end of this post, you will have your own awesome status pages like Emulasite Server Status for free with SSL support. Uptime Robot is a free online service that monitors your website every five minutes and notifies if your site(s) is down, via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, HipChat, web-hooks. It asks for websites headers and gets status codes like “200-ok”, “404-not found” etc., every 5 minutes. If the status code doesn’t indicate any problem, then your site is up and running. If the status code is 400+ or 500+, then your website is down. UptimeRobot will keep doing several checks for next 30 seconds to make sure your website is really down. Uptime Robot is entirely free to use, and of course, there is a premium plan that has additional features which are not available in the free plan. Check this link to know the comparison of pro and free plans. Why do you need a status page? Downtime happens! And being a hosting service provider you should be notified about them. It helps you: Keep your clients up-to-date Show your uptime performance to others, and especially for the promotional purposes Monitor your server health to see where you perform well Some Examples 000webhost Emulasite LampStack So, let's get started: Step 1 Visit https://uptimerobot.com/ Step 2 Sign up for a free account Step 3 Once the account created, login to your dashboard. This is how Uptime Robot dashboard looks like. Step 4 As you can see, I haven’t added any websites to monitor yet. Uptime Robot free plan allows you to monitor up to 50 sites. Click Add New Monitor on the top left corner. Enter all necessary details, such as Monitor types, Name, website URL, Monitoring Interval, and also select the alert contacts to notify the website’s status. By default, the alerts will be sent to the mail id that you have used while creating the new account. You can add additional contacts in the My Settings page. You can, of course, change the monitoring interval by adjusting the Monitoring Interval option. Step 5 That’s it. Now, your websites will be monitored every 5 minutes. If you wish to add custom domain like status.emulasite.ml, Visit https://blog.uptimerobot.com/introducing-public-status-pages-yay/ to read more There are 100+ integration available like notification via Slack, HipChat and also guide to configure Uptime Robot if you are using CloudFlare at https://blog.uptimerobot.com/ *Note: This post is not a part of any promotion, I and/or Emulasite is in no way associated with Uptime Robot, and all logos visible are a trademark and property of their respective owner.
  23. Recently, @PlanetCloud got unbanned as many of you know, however his posts are gone. We hope that this issue is fixed, until then I wanted to keep his project MILD thread on the community, because it will help a lot of new members. Right now, his project can be found on Github. Here is the Client Side version of the MILD API: https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-client , which works well nand can be used. Here is the server, the core itself that runs the API: https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-server , however as PlanetCloud stated it is not yet ready for production. I, have no affiliation with this, and we hope that his original posts get restored.
  24. What is this tag found in MOFH templates: <div class="div">? And what does it do? Searched on Google and found nothing, sorry but I am not very experienced with these stuff.
  25. Hii Everyone, I have a good news i know how to link mofh with whmcs with auto-login. I gonna share that but Only at $1 per user because i wested my many times with this....... Any one wants this then mail me personally sspradhan25[at]hotmail.com after paymet i will do it for you...... so don't weast your time anywhere else it just for $1 for wapsite. No bargaining please....... Thank you... S.S.PRADHAN
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