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19 minutes ago, BastelPichi2 said:

Oh btw @Shen Weiflex host redirects to sussy domains, get rid of all these shit ads you put on there. Its unusable as a demo as it always either has nsfw ads or redirects to other sites.

Sorry but flexhost domain has been canceled a while ago so it is not possible to access hustal demo anymore

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I have problem.
I has been created my site used for client area login. Located in:

But, I have problem with client account creation. I tested on test user, and this user can't got email and account not showing on clientarea.
And account has created in reseller panel, but I couldn't find password.
But, verification mail on first registration is show.

Seems, this error I found on this forum, but I forgoten place or links.

Edited by Parimu Hosting for Student
Added sentence: And account has created in reseller panel, but I couldn't find password.
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Hi there, 

Good news for everyone MOFHY Pro is now available to be download and  free trial license are available for each domain. 

Security Issue fixes. 

Interface clearance. 

Additional features. 

Company logo and multi text editor. 

Recaptcha Setup. 

DATA encoding and decoding. 

License update and technical support. 


Can be downloaded from 


Documentation is available at


License can be purchased from



In case of any error can be informed at support@getmofhy.eu.org


Thank you! 

Edited by Shen Wei
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