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  1. CREATE new account and then deactivate it and check If the account is not suspended in MOFH panel then dm me.
  2. If an account it deactivated from mofhy it will be deactivated from mofh panel as well but if an account is deactivated from mofh panel it will not be shown in mofhy lite
  3. Please turn on errors from your php config inorder to know what errors are occurring. After that tell me the errors I will guide you.
  4. MOFHY premium uses license im also using trial version
  5. I have updated the code. Maybe this will now work. Change all files.
  6. MOFHY premium is the complete version of MOFHY Lite which includes custom api as well
  7. Well it's is working correctly on my side on both MOFHY Lite and MOFHY Premium.
  8. You need to completely change the MOFHY Lite installation binary files are changed
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