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Hello, you guys can use the following code to hide the user domain part in the vewssl.php. most face errors due to that, because they copy the whole thing, instead for the domain they have to use the dropdown in the cname section of control panel. Hope it helps 😅!

$dot = '.';
$find = $dot.$SSLInfo['domain'];
$replace = '';
$from = $Record['0'];

Then use the following code to echo the above variables :-

<?php print_r(str_replace($find,$replace,$from))?>


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Dear Friends,

Major critical security vulnerabilities has been discovered on MOFHY, including Project HUTSAL, and any other project that expands on them. Please monitor the issues on https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues for more details. (SEE CLOSED ISSUES AS WELL, SOME ARE INCORRECTLY COSED).


It is not a good idea to use the project until the issues have been fixed.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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19 hours ago, MichaelIanEllis said:

I am wondering if someone can help me here, I've installed Mofhy but I get a 502 bad gateway when the system tries to send email, I am using Yandex smtp. Has anyone else had this issue?

Try using mailjet or gmail.

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