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hello, when a client is signing up for an account, is order.mydomainname.com/register2.php supposed to be http or https because when its on https the cert is expired


ERROR #8938749304 Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement

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10 hours ago, starline said:

Try using securesignup.net instead, that should provide a secure connection.
Register link: securesignup.net/register2.php


Let me know if this helps.


Actually, securesignup.net links no longer work. MOFH Support Team advised me to changed all my register callback urls from securesignup.net to ifastnet.com. This is located in the signup.php file in htdocs. Hope this helps you all



so the correct link would be //ifastnet.com/register2.php


no http or https needed. the system auto detects and makes the connection secure as ifastnet forces their registration script to render in SSL

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Hey @simon12345

You may consider Project Logged by @PlanetCloud if you're not good at coding. It can get things done but you won't be having a clientarea like Infinyfree does. For that you will have to create a custom clientarea with the help of Mofh Client (You may contact me if you are stuck somewhere while building a custom clientarea).

The best possible option if you aren't an experienced php developer is to use WHMCS(If you're ready to pay for a license). You are not allowed to use nulled scripts on mofh, your account will get suspended if you do so.

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