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  1. Someone interested in acquiring a reseller server from the free byethost can write to the private one I am giving away since I do not have time to attend it, this functional and has clients with their active websites

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    2. mike


      @einet could you contact me to talk about this ? ( if you still are interested, or havent give it to anyone ) For some reason i cant private message you.

    3. mike


      Okay, thanks einet. I will soon get in contact with you, but for your security, please if you are able to do so, delete your email adress.


      Gracias einet, me pondre en contacto contigo enseguida. Pero por tu seguridad, y si puedes, elimina tu email del mensaje.

    4. einet


      calm down, there's no problem.

      tranquilo no hay problema 

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