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  1. contact https://support.ifastnet.com/ To tell you what the problem was and if you can enable your account again
  2. contact https://support.ifastnet.com/
  3. Greetings community I hope you are well happy Saturday 😛

    1. Sebas


      gracias einet, igualmente!!


    2. einet
  4. if I was testing too and I managed to obtain an ssl certificate in subdomains with cname although it took a few minutes but it is possible to recommend it 😋
  5. It will always give an error while the ?i=1 antibot protection because it will launch an error when it is checked if the cname is added or verify the domain / subdomain by any of the methods to obtain ssl.
  6. remember to wait a couple of hours for the system to recognize the certificate, also clean the history of your browser and reload the page if in a few hours you can not access via https try to upload the ssl certificate sometimes it does not load well you must to become
  7. Check the characteristics of the hosting plan that you have, you have very limited resources because I have people who use worpress and do not use all the processes. or verify that you do not have any wordpress pugins that are making multiple requests to the web that produce this fault or something that has working in real time
  8. Your domain seems to be pointing to the byethost servers the dns are fine but your web does not load create a ticket in the ifastnet support area to indicate what the problem is. https://support.ifastnet.com
  9. I don't usually share news and information from external sites but this article is interesting and I want to share it with the community. For those who did not understand, why many servers that offer free and paid hosting have stopped working and are currently seeing a list of errors due to cpanel, I think we will be the only ones who will have the privilege of using cpanel xD or Appearance read it https://bit.ly/34ZWNGi

    1. Anyx


      A bit of old news lol, but yeah, the pricing change killed a lot of small companies and most of the free hosting companies offering cPanel.

    2. einet


      Yes haha but I had not understood why these companies had stopped working xD

  10. Your domain is working correctly under cloudflare, you should wait a maximum of 72 hours. It is currently running and pointing to the cloudflare dns
  11. byethost dns are: ns1.byet.org ns2.byet.org ns3.byet.org ns4.byet.org try 2 of the 4 or 4 at a time if your hosting is from here it should work without problems.
  12. Try changing the php settings from your account panel and select one of the available php versions. it may be that the php version is not compatible with that of your script in php select any of 5.4+ since the one that comes by default is 7.0+. have if the problem you present is solved
  13. @360 I am sorry I did not know that I had reported to post as the design of the forum is not equal to the previous one, it is difficult for me to understand well. And I could solve the problem for those who have this problem. I solved it by creating a free ssl certificate in one of the different pages to create them for free, and uploaded it to the domain cpanel with the problem. load the certificate and leave the cloudflare as it was and error 525 disappeared
  14. I have the same problem I'm going to see what I do
  15. If you are trying to delete your main reseller (hosting) account, you cannot delete it, you should contact one of the administrators at support.ifastnet
  16. haha Do not discuss with you guys, and the friend who practically asks for a complete script I don't think you get it for free, because I think nobody would share something complete, I thought about doing it but I don't have time to devote to that, you can use the one mentioned by @aqib as a guide as a guide, but you should have basic knowledge in php otherwise I don't think it will help you much. use youtube there are different videos of how to learn to program in PHP and there you start the demo script that I shared in the community is so that you can see how it works with the api and the re
  17. if you do not have access to your account create a ticket from https://support.ifastnet.com if you no longer have access to your support email register a new one in the support area create a ticket and provide your account information to one of the administrators in that area the data they request and ask them to update the email address for another one that has access but go to the support of ifastnet so they can help
  18. that domain name is already pointing to a hosting account, if you are the owner of the domain and it is not your hosting account please contact support so they can help support.ifastnet.com
  19. 0fees.us found from me and ndscpublication.0fees.us no found error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT I have similar problems with the web of some clients will have to wait a few hours should be for maintenance
  20. At least I speak Spanish haha and I have to translate what they say some things I do not understand them by the translation but we go little by little
  21. PHPMailer-master perfect for sending emails without restriction or limitation of messages, congratulations guys I'll give a round for how it works
  22. yvVEPO3.jpg

    1. einet


      must be the maintenance server I think 9_9

  23. Regarding the sending of emails when creating the hosting account is not a problem you can use an email sending system with external php like I did in my hosting site only requires a mail of gmail, yandex or any email that serves to using smtp is just to configure it and adapt it to each person's script, I wanted to do it in the demo but I did not want to complicate the code so it would be as simple and clear as possible without confusion but I will try to do and send them to send something simple you can implement it without problems
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