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VistaPanel Customizations (VPT Project)

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Hello MyOwnFreeHost Resellers,

Recently VPT started working on another project, called VistaPanel Customizations.

This project will allow you to customize vPanel with scripts, using JS and CSS injections mostly, to improve your MOFH reseller service and satisfy your clients!

It is located on GitHub.

Current Developers are:

@PlanetCloud (Main Developer)

@PCTipsGR (Admin, Developer)

@Aqib (Admin, Developer)

@Arcenas090 (Admin, Developer)

@Angel (Developer)

Any other Person who would like to join is greatly appreciated, contact us through Discord to get started.

Current Scripts Include:

cPanel Copyright Logo Change

Responsive Domain Search Box

Tutorials Link Changer

"Change Language" Link and Text Changer

"Change Password" Link and Text Changer

Theme Switcher

Exception List:

@WeHostYou360 for site: wehostyou360.ml

Copyright 2018 VPT. Some Rights Reserved.

Licensed under MIT Attribution License

Please Join Our Discord Server From Here

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Add New Invite Link and Theme Switcher
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According to some news resources a new resource is added to VistaPanel Customization. People are saying that it will be useless anyway one developer still want to share and that is 


Theme Switcher

Yeah you read that right. Boring Theme Switcher is now on VistaPanel now people like Me waste time to change Themes and make fun of VistaPanel. But good news is that Earth is full of stupids so they can switch between themes to see if there upgrade automatically but nah. They still need to pay iFastNet for upgrade. And if anyone feel boring he can make it awesome by change theme. I wish this is possible in real life so we can witch between fake and real theme people. World is full of double faced people.

Here is Documentation https://vptofficial.github.io/VistaPanel-Customizations/theme-switcher/

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