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  1. Enter the IP "" in the MOFH API panel Enter the IP "" in the MOFHY API settings
  2. A Pull request has been opened on the GitHub Page https://github.com/mahtab2003/MOFHY-Lite/pull/25 To Do Add GitHub login/signup as SSO option Display suspension reason in Client Area ✅ DONE! Add Google ReCapcha functionality
  3. It is fairly easy to implement, so if you could create a pull request and make the changes that would be awesome. I don’t know when @Shen Wei is available, but I might be able to do this by the end of next week. To Do Add GitHub login/signup as SSO option Display suspension reason in Client Area Add Google ReCapcha functionality
  4. What do you mean by that? I can understand creation and psw reset, but where else is it needed?
  5. Can you add the ability for the Client Area to display the reason of suspension (If it was a temerpary one)? InfinityFree has the functionality, and iFastNet support says its possible via the callback URL, however they refuse to tell me how to do it. Thanks!
  6. Can you push out the fix to the following bugs? The CSR Generator does not work If invalid CSR code in entered in the get SSL field, private info is displayed instead of an error Thanks!
  7. That does not change anything unfortunately. PHP errors are "ON" in the control panel, and my .htaccess file (In the /htdocs folder, there are no other .htaccess files on the site) is below. php_flag display_errors on php_value display_errors On php_value mbstring.http_input auto php_value date.timezone America/Chicago
  8. How would I turn on errors? Enabling errors in the control panel does nothing…
  9. I dident, but that does not seem to be it, as after adding it the error is still shown. src/function/NewAccount.php (Other files remain the same as above post) <?php require __DIR__.'/Connect.php'; require __DIR__.'/../handler/CookieHandler.php'; require_once __DIR__.'/../handler/AreaHandler.php'; require_once __DIR__.'/../modules/autoload.php'; use \InfinityFree\MofhClient\Client; if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $FormData = array( 'username' => substr(str_shuffle('qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm012345789QWERTYUIOPLKJHGFDSAZXCVBNM'),0,8), 'password' => substr(str_shuffle(
  10. I'm trying to customize a bit, but it is not working. What am I doing wrong? ORIGINAL CODE: DATABASE: CREATE TABLE `hosting_account` ( `account_id` INT(11) PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL, `account_username` VARCHAR(22) NOT NULL, `account_password` VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL, `account_domain` VARCHAR(70) NOT NULL, `account_key` VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL, `account_status` INT(1) NOT NULL, `account_date` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, `account_for` INT(6) NOT NULL) src/function/NewAccount.php ... else{ $sql = mysqli_query($connect,"SELECT * FROM `hosting_account` WHERE `acc
  11. Make sure you have the country set in the profile. I do believe it still returns and error though, although its a different one
  12. ALERT! If incorrect CSR code in entered into the new SSL page, info that should remain secret is displayed. Try entering "fff" into the box and click "enter" to test it out yourself.
  13. I was just about to say that it is still not working. @Shen Wei, are you trying this on free hosting?
  14. How do we setup the callback URL? (Where should it point to)
  15. What is this used for? Also, when can we the suspension bug fix to be released?
  16. Try re-installing MOFHY, everything works for me. Also, can you give the exact error message? Thanks
  17. Its not allowed. ME: So I am not allowed to build a client area that allows people to create 5 accounts each? Support Operator: Hi there, Correct, It is not allowed to register more than 3 free hosting accounts Thank you and stay safe ! Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Best Regards
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