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  1. You cant change it. The support at https://support.ifastnet.com may, but they very likely cant. You can set the custom prefix for every new reseller domain you add yourself.
  2. Hey, This is only for your master account. Your clients have accounts with the limit you selected in the reseller panel. For The domain limit, you can add as much domains as you want trough the reseller panel, the limit will be ignored. You may contact https://support.ifastnet.com, they can increase these quotas.
  3. Oh and for the perm feature, please test if it works on a non-perm record first. Sites with yandex or google site verifications or values similar to Lets Encrypt verifications may get deleted as the first 2 just arent usable on free hosting and the third because Lets Encrypt records dont have to be permant.
  4. File an support ticket at support.ifastnet.com. They should be able to help you.
  5. Hello, In this tutorial im going to show you how to add a hole domain to google search. To start, go to search.google.com and, if prompted, log into your google account. Once your done, you should see something like this: Now, type your domain in the "Domain"-card, and click continue. Now, you should get something like this: Now, click on copy. Go to vPanel, login, click on SPF records and select your domain. In the value field, put the data you just copied. Now, wait 1-2 minutes, go back to google and hit verify. Success! You domain has been a
  6. ssl generator redone! Theres now a special version for ifastnet! GoGetSSL coming soon!
  7. Hey, Can you specify what error you get?
  8. Oh btw @Shen Weiflex host redirects to sussy domains, get rid of all these shit ads you put on there. Its unusable as a demo as it always either has nsfw ads or redirects to other sites.
  9. The plan can be anything, I usually just call it "Free Hosting".
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