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      Hello and welcome to the Byet / iFastNet Forums.


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  1. How do you make the skins/themes?

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    2. einet
    3. Dog2puppy


      On x2hosting why is the main domain alot of random letters and the subdomain is setup as a addon domain?

    4. einet


      If x2hosting is the main one, it is configured as an additional sub-domain because some users do not have their own domain or have no experience of registering one and can add the subdomain as some students are and use it for their personal projects almost always register sub -domains but is at user's preference

  2. Someone interested in acquiring a reseller server from the free byethost can write to the private one I am giving away since I do not have time to attend it, this functional and has clients with their active websites

    1. SpeedyNet


      What do you mean private?  Is it home based or at byethost?


    2. einet


      If based on byethost and private is for the user who wants the server can write me a message by private to facilitate the data of the server if you like to give it