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Found 21 results

  1. So I am able to get SSL via Let's Encrypt for the homepage of my web host but not for cPanel and it does not work right on the register page, can anyone help me to do get it on these other pages. I had it on other pages but it came up with an error saying my browser is not sending the right referrer information or something like that. It also said that the site was not fully secure.
  2. Hello MyOwnFreeHost Community! With @Aqib's help and support, I created a full repository that contains the files neccesary to use new, official cPanel themes and custom ones for VistaPanel. It is located at GitHub. Installation instructions are also there, alongside with how to implement it. Any suggestion or help, especially if someone has a custom cPanel theme and wants to upload it, is more than welcome! Please rate this topic if you appreciate this project. Thank you. Happy Customizing! Current Themes: Light cPanel Theme Dark cPanel Theme Christ
  3. I need privileges on my database in cpanel because I need to be able to create a table with a date column with default value current_timestamp.
  4. How can I change the default language in English automatically change it to Spanish. It can ? Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish https://imgur.com/a/oa3ZoJK
  5. I have a form with https but my security images not showings why???
  6. I received new free hosting at *.byethost10.com To enter my account I had to go to cpanel page cpanel.byethost10.com Its address started from http:, so it was not secure to enter password or to do anithing It is strange. The whole site https://byet.host/ has secure connection. I will do nothing with this account
  7. So i made a website using byethosting + freenom and i can't login to cpanel from computers that eren't the one where i registered for hosting
  8. https://cpanel.hostchick.tk/panel/indexpl.php 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time.
  9. Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account. The daily limit you reached was your daily HIT limit. When will your free hosting account be re-activated? Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivate
  10. Need help. Just updated index file, but when uploaded, page doesn't show any content. Only background color is shown. What should I do to fix this? I tried uploading both with FTP and directly on cPanel, but didn't help. My home page is gone. T_T Can anyone help? Thank you
  11. Hi, how I promised this topic to the community of byethost here I leave this topic so that they can customize the cpanel of their hosting resellers is the version of cpanel 62.0.8 I hope you enjoy it and if you have doubts or problems do not hesitate to ask to help them In the compressed file includes a txt of how to install it with instructions and greetings pictures and enjoy it Some captures of the theme: New update 20-02-2017: Support for multiple device and device screens has been corrected and the problem with the close session button has been corrected
  12. Hello! I'm a Russian hosting provider and the translation of cPanel is very bad. I would very much like to translate cPanel into Russian, so that the translation was qualitative. I also want to translate into Russian panel.myownfreehost.net.
  13. Hi, i wanted to know that how can i modify or remove the tutorials link in cpanel for my reseller account.
  14. Hii Everyone, I have a good news i know how to link mofh with whmcs with auto-login. I gonna share that but Only at $1 per user because i wested my many times with this....... Any one wants this then mail me personally sspradhan25[at]hotmail.com after paymet i will do it for you...... so don't weast your time anywhere else it just for $1 for wapsite. No bargaining please....... Thank you... S.S.PRADHAN
  15. Hello in fact my problem is that I do not receive emails send from my contact form on my website ... when i go to the cpanel to configure the mail he asks me, to receive emails you have to set an MX record with mx.freegiga.in ... To recieve emails on the email address you will need to set the MX record for your domain name to mx.freegiga.in that's what I do but even in creating that the emails I do not receive anymore can you help me !!!
  16. Request: I need access to http://cpanel.deluxehost.tk and http://order.deluxehost.tk Reason: There are a glitches and errors that I keep finding. So I like to have access to these sub-domains so I am able to more quickly solve these issues! I hope you understand. Thank you in advance! @Admin @Administrator
  17. We should all know by now that the cPanel login area (e.g. cpanel.deluxehost.tk) is not mobile friendly. So I would like to ask the developers to work on this as soon as possible. I am also offering my own help if needed. So please reply below for more details. @Administrator ~Thank You!
  18. Here is a screenshot... I am facing problem while installing WHMCS anyone here to help me what to do..........????????
  19. 1) Security Would it be possible to add a section to the re-sellers panel etc. to allow for users to put Certificates on the FTP Server, cpanel.<domain>.<tld> and order.<domain>.<tld> as this would enhance user safety and make resellers' websites safer for users and resellers themselves. Would it be possible to also add support for RSA 4096 Certificates/Private Keys and ability to add CA Bundles; as some software/web management systems block websites with SSL Certs but no CA Bundle, possibly add safer internet features like this for 'customers' but you may not need
  20. Hi There, is it possible to have a secured connection (HTTPS) for resellers' Vista Panel? Actually, if the main website of a reseller is securely accessed (ex: https://example.com), the cPanel of this reseller will be http://cpanel.example.com (not secured).
  21. Hi There, is it possible to have a secured connection (HTTPS) for resellers' Vista Panel? Actually, if the main website of a reseller is securely accessed (ex: https://example.com), the cPanel of this reseller will be http://cpanel.example.com (not secured). Sorry i post this in the wrong forum
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