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We had created forums for VistaPanel Themes Project where you can post bugs, give suggestions, graphics submission, get support and also you can download a single theme file from their without downloading the whole project.

Join our forums now: https://vpanel.gq/forums/

We added an addon option in our forums where all the js files which fix different problems and make it better will go.

Managed by @Aqib, @PCTipsGR, @Arcenas090 & @PlanetCloud

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Update Gradient Blue to v1.2:



  • Added Changelog.txt file (Only in downloadable file)
  • Documentation Updated  (Only in downloadable file)
  • Using CDN for serving vPanel Theme files
  • Fixed Icon Issues
  • Fixed Bugs

Updated both Version's on GitHub

Gradient Blue: https://github.com/PCTipsGR/VistaPanel-Themes/blob/master/gradient-blue

Gradient Blue Lite: https://github.com/PCTipsGR/VistaPanel-Themes/blob/master/gradient-blue-lite

Downloadable File: https://vpthemes.win/files/file/1-gradient-blue/

Thanks to @InfinityFree for suggestion of using GitHub for serving vPanel themes files. We had implemented the suggestion of @InfinityFree with the help of @Angel. We are now using GitHub with custom url for serving vPanel theme files.

here is the url which you can use for using vPanel theme without hosting files by yourself.


When you will use theme files from our domain then the theme which you are using will automatically updated and all bugs will got fixed automatically. You will have to do nothing when you are using files from our domain. If you want to self-host vPanel theme files then you have to manually update your theme files when new version become available.

Downloadable files include Detail Documentation. On GitHub readme.md file is included which contain all the information of setting up themes for your custom domain.

Get Support: https://vpthemes.win/forums/forum/7-ask-questions/
Report Bugs: https://vpthemes.win/bugs/
Give Suggestions: https://vpthemes.win/suggestions/
Submit Graphics: https://vpthemes.win/graphics-submission/
GitHub Project: https://github.com/PCTipsGR/VistaPanel-Themes/

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Hi, we had migrated our website from https://vpthemes.win/ to https://vptofficial.me/.


The Migration is now completed and everything is seems to be working fine from new domain name. Our Docs and CDN is successfully transfered to new domain. Old domain is still working but it will stop working from August 10th, 2019.


So, recommend you to use our new cdn domain (https://cdn.vptofficial.me/) for adding themes in your vpanel.


Our Docuemntations can be found at https://docs.vptofficial.me/ 

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