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  1. Please visit the support ticket site at: http://support.ifastnet.com Sign up for a support account and file a ticket on this. The support team will be better equipped to assist you.
  2. Please sign up and file a support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/ They will be able to help you out with that.
  3. Please sign up and file a support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/
  4. If not mistaking, you can also use Gmail for your site's email.
  5. I moved this topic to the correct board. Please set up a support account and ticket at: https://support.ifastnet.com/
  6. LOL! Or at least having a hammer on top of the computer. 🤣
  7. Sometimes just going with what works is good, but I tend to enjoy trying new things when building a site. I like the idea of this thread, and would also love to see what others think.
  8. For official tech support please use : http://support.ifastnet.com/
  9. Hi burke. Remember me? I cant message or use chatbox.. Also lost my moderator status.

  10. When you upgrade to Premium, it comes with a real domain that you choose. Please file a support ticket, to get more info from our techs: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  11. If it redirected, it means something caused your account to be suspended. Please file a support ticket to find out why: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  12. Hmmm.... Interesting. However, not as interesting as the fact that you titled the thread, and linked to an iPhone Unlocking scam. So, therefore, you are banned for being a spammer, even if you were clever about it.
  13. As you have started this in support, you really should continue there. I personally do not use WP, but have in the past. I do not recognize the last three plugins. Any one of them, could be the issue.
  14. Please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  15. Need more information, in order to help you. The URL you posted, is supposed to be your site, I take it. Yet, it's showing that, instead? Can you log into your control panel? Is everything looking normal in the control panel? Have you installed a new script before this happened?
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